Liquid water necessary for life

Liquid water necessary for life

Other liquids could be the medium for life

Other liquids could be the medium for life
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Water plays unique role in supporting biomolecular and cellular self-organization


A number of biochemistries alternative to the terrestrial CHON biochemistry are possible in non-aqueous environments that might exist elsewhere in space.

eDue to hydrophobic effects, water is unique in its ability to support self-organization of organic matter


Molecular dynamics simulations suggest that membranes composed of acrylonitrile could form vesicle-like structures in liquid methane.

eMembrane alternatives in worlds without oxygen: Creation of an azotosome

eMembranes in liquid ammonia environments.

Non-aqueous media can extend the "habitable zone"

Solvents other than water have different temperature ranges in which they exist in the liquid phase. This property has the potential of extending the “habitable zone” to distances other than that available to aqueous environments.


Chemical species in liquid phase over different temperature ranges than water.

eAmmonia, Ammonia-water, Formamide, cryosolvents